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Bear O’ Fair Editing


So this morning as we are waiting on everyone to arrive so we can set up to shoot our county report. I got the opportunity to watch Ronnie work on the editing process of the the Bear O’ Fair! It’s so cool getting to watch what you recorded!

We use Final Cut Pro to do all our editing and it’s amazing all the things you can do. We can add titles, fix coloring and sometimes you can fix the lighting. I’m okay at editing but Ronnie is awesome!


Life as an Intern


So this summer I am interning at our local government access channel PikeTV ( and so far its been pretty interesting! You get to do a lot of hands on training with cameras, editing, and of course talking to new people!

Here are some of the things I’ve done so far that I can remember!

1.Fire fighters challenge

So this was crazy you had fire fighters from all over competing in an obstacle course in full gear! Not to mention there was a heat advisory in effect that day!


Also they had guys in kilts!


2. City Commissioners Report
What’s going on in the county extra extra

3. City Managers report
What’s new in the city, tourism, community activities


4. Relay for Life
The annual relay for life against cancer


5. Knox Creek Cleanup

This was a clean up with Kentucky and Virginia to clean the Knox Creek that runs through both states. This was interesting to say the least. The one thing about Pike County is its the largest in the state and you can drive two hours and still be in the one county! Where this creek happened to be was the farthest point you could go in pike county without being in Virginia.

6. Muscle on Main

I love car shows simply because you get to see some awesome old cars! Taking to these cute little old men about their cars is awesome!

7. Cooking show

So it takes forever but you get free food! They had fried green tomatoes, frog legs, and honey suckle tea! She also gave us a jar of picked okra!


8. Where the 99 Lead

This talks about the university of Pikeville and all the good stuff going on up there! I’m also included all the scholarship forums we have had to do in this!


9. Splash in the Breaks

So the Breaks interstate park got a water park and we got to go film the ribbon cutting and what not.


10. EPA Public Forum

So if you didn’t know the EPA and Obama are waging a war on coal and this was one of the forums to let people talk about it. Being a region that relies heavily on coal you can imagine this was a big hit!

11. Hospital commercials

So the local hospital has almost take over downtown Pikeville…okay they have


12. Shelby Railroad Reunion

Reunion for all railroaders and there families


Rain + Mountains= Cooking?


When I was little on our way to church early in the mornings my grammy would always laugh as she watched me look out the window. I would always ask her what that fog rolling up from the mountains was and she’d chuckle and tell me the ground hogs where cooking. Now every time I pass a fog covered mountain or see that fog rolling from the ground I can only remember those words.


Bear O’ Fair- Astronaut and Northern Lights Bears


So today we are schedule to go to Berea and Versailles KY to do interviews with two of the artists. So this is going to be a long day! If we are lucky we will get back around 7pm which kinda sucks.So far this is how today is going…

1. It’s raining
2. Enterprise doesn’t have our car rental there yet making us late to leave
3. Did I mention it’s pouring the raining?

So yeah I’m annoyed Ronnie’s annoyed and I’ll keep you posted!

So after thirty minutes a car still had never came but a van had so Ronnie went and got that. So now we are in a mini van! Exciting right? But we are on our way!

So we are almost to there!! But due to the delay this morning and the cray amount of slow drivers that we of course got stuck behind. There is a grey possibility of us being late! I sure hope not! But this has been one of the longest trips and this sleepy rain isn’t making things any better!

We made it to Berea! Finally after finding us a parking spot because you know we had to come when they are having an art festival! We found out artists, Michelle Weston, and her glass shop! The northern lights bear is cool! And she was having a sale on some of her awesome glass work! Picked up some souvenirs!



Now off to Versailles and some lunch!

So we are finally on our way home, a nice three hour drive, but the astronaut bear is amazing! I mean he is in a class of his own with this one! He did a 3-D bear!



Swamp People vs Dominic Mongahan


Source: TMZ

“Lost” star Dominic Monaghan believes “Swamp People” is nothing more than “shock TV” that glorifies the senseless killing of alligators — and it must be stopped.

Monaghan went off on Twitter moments ago about the History Channel show, writing, “If my hero Steve Irwin was around, those shows about killing alligators wouldn’t be on TV. I’m gonna stop them.”

Monaghan describes “Swamp People” as “death entertainment” that “continues to demonize reptiles as monsters and animals that are okay to torture and kill.”

He adds, “If alligator populations need to be controlled, I understand. But the act should not be glorified on TV. Disgusting.”

And according to Dominic, it’s all the History Channel’s fault — I blame the network, not the people.”

So, Swamp Nation, do you believe that Swamp People need to be shut down (dumb question right!?)? Take the poll over at

Okay so it shock tv? How is this show any different than hunting shows or even the news? Its not I think people need to grow up this show not only about controlling the population of alligators but shows their culture and heritage. I think his argument that it demonize reptiles as monsters and animals and its okay to kill and torture them. Okay when has anyone on that show been seen doing anything to say tortue of an alligator is okay? I think he is trying to get his moment in the sun. I think its stupid all I can think is oh no! Another idiot with to much money and a cause…

Web Design


Dear CSS & HTML,

Our love/ hate relationship in class has finally came to an end!

Today was the last day of web design!

Now I just have to deal with you if I decide to mess with it here in posts

I can firmly say I am relieved to see the end of this relationship!


A frustrated college student


So one final down! Above is a lovely screen shot of the webpage we had to turn in for part of our final which if I do say so myself looks pretty good I don’t know if my teacher will like the zebra print to much but the extra credit never specified what kind of background! I attempted all the bonus so hopefully it will help make up for my pathetic answers for some of the written part! I still can’t believe looking at it that it took two hours to get everything fixed but the sidebar about did me in not only did you have to make it link up right, make an unordered list and change the color. Finally after forever my teacher took pity on me and changed like two characters and it finally linked up with the CSS and worked!

Southern Sayings


Over the years I have found when you travel people love to hear you talk if you have an accent that is different from their own, especially if they think its funny. First of all everyone has an accent of some sort and if you think I sound funny just imagine what you sound like to me! Now in every region you have those sayings or words that is apart of your regional dialect and here are some that I and my own family use. Some will have an explanation but some should make since ask if you need to! Also a lot of people leave the g’s off of words. So apparently I have a pretty thick accent according to my boyfriend I don’t hear it but you know I’m bias!

  1. Bless your heart (this can be sincere or an inslut)
  2. Bless your pea pickin’ heart (see above also saying there ugly to depending on use)
  3. Barking up the wrong tree. (you are wrong)
  4. Caught with your pants down.
  5. Go hog wild
  6. Gone hog wild
  7. Got your feathers ruffled. (upset and pouting)
  8. Rufflin’ some feathers (causing trouble)
  9. Like a bump on a log. (lazy and doing nothing)
  10. Stomping grounds. (familiar territory)
  11. Playing opossum
  12. Smokehouse (this can literally be used for smoking meat or it can just be a hang out for old men like a cellar)
  13. Do-hickey- substitute name. Like the terms whata-ma-call-it or thinga-ma-jig
  14. white lighting (moonshine)
  15. Shiner (one who makes moonshine)
  16. hollar (hollow)
  17. creek (we go not pronounce is like northerns its cre–ee-k down here and you will get laughed at saying any other way)
  18. Y’all or Ya’ll (more than two people)
  19. Holler like a stuck pig/ hog
  20. Horse feathers (one of days favorite instead of cussing)
  21. If a bullfrog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass when he jumped. (resulted from our saying IF too much)
  22. root hog or die (now my family always said this about getting food during family gatherings lol)
  23. slower then molasses
  24. Finer than frogs hair (doing well)
  25. like a chicken with its head cut off
  26. Well butter my biscuit (excited over something)
  27. Its like arguing with a fence post (stubbron, ain’t worth the time)
  28. Ain’t (in place of isn’t)
  29. rode hard and put up dry (rough looking)
  30. I declare (this can be in how its said: surprised, sarcastic, place filler if you ain’t got nothing better to say)
  31. been beat with an ugly stick
  32. meaner than a box of snakes
  33. well, I never
  34. Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs
  35. Can’t carry a tune in a bucket
  36. living above their raisin’ (acting better than they are)
  37. sight for sore eyes
  38. once in a blue moon
  39. if you can’t run with the big dogs then stay on the porch
  40. Down yonder
  41. Up the creek (describing where your doing)
  42. prettier than a speckled pup
  43. slicker than snot
  44. that’ll burn your whiskers
  45. to big for his britches
  46. campaign liquor (moonshine)
  47. backer (tobacco)
  48. Yeller (yellow)
  49. Yeller bellied lily liver coward
  50. Poke (bag)
  51. supper (dinner)
  52. dinner (lunch)
  53. Why, no! (why, no I havent heard for her in years)
  54. tighter than tree bark (cheap)
  55. Old bitty (hateful women)
  56. Bitty (baby chick or hateful women)
  57. she’d stop a clock (ugly)
  58. Madder than a wet hen
  59. wilder than coons
  60. beat me like a dog

Terms of endearment

  • honey
  • sugar
  • sweetie pie
  • sweet heart
  • sissy (sister)
  • darlin’
  • sweetie
  • flossy
  • flossy may
  • tumble weed
  • pumpkin
In the south we know how to make an endearment sound like an inslut so always pay attention to how its said!

Know any I missed that you’d like to see on here let me know!