I’ll admit I was a real homebody when it came to traveling. To me it didn’t matter if we went anywhere or did anything or at least I was that way until the end of my senior year of high school. My best friend, Arial, her aunt lives in Dallas, Texas and owned a lake house in a place called Gun Barrel City so we got the great idea of a road trip it would be our last big trip together before my cousin Jordan went off on his two year mission trip. [Side note: my cousin is mormon and he is in the last months of his two year mission trip in Bolivia.] So somehow we convinced our parents its would be a good idea to let four 18 years old drive to Texas by ourselves. 

So here it was the first real independence away from my family I mean there was a 15 hour, three state difference between us, but I found I really enjoyed it. Traveling getting to see new things and what not it light a fire inside me I really liked traveling and when you are with some of your best friends a 15 hour none stop car ride doesn’t seem to take that long. It did seem like it took forever to get out of Kentucky and Arkansas though…

Also Texarkana takes forever to get through as well….

But finally we made it and it was a good trip full of awesome food, shopping, and a trip to the zoo before we made our journey to Gun Barrel City home of some of the best donuts I have ever had!

And here is another fun picture we were in Arkansas and we came upon this car…if nothing screams pull me over there is an abducted child in my car its this

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