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Little Boy Steals the Show & I saw it live!


So on  Feb 23, 2013 I went to a Rascal Flatts concert and in between sets this little boy started dancing and well ge got a lot of attention and well see for yourself it made it to Yahoo and Insider Edition! He actually lives close to me lol. Go Keaton!

Little Boy’s Offstage Performance Steals the Show at Rascal Flatts Concert

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When you go to a concert, you’re obviously there to see and experience the entertainment of the professionals on stage. Sometimes though, the action offstage can be an experience all in itself. That was the case at a recent Rascal Flatts concert in Pikeville, Kentucky.

little boy stole the show when he started dancing in the aisle during an intermission. He drew so much attention that one of the venue staff members decided to point the spotlight at him. The boy, whose name is not known at this time, does a near three-minute dance routine. At the end, the crowd applauds his impromptu performance.

The applause keeps coming on YouTube, where the little guy is quickly becoming an online star. One commenter wrote, “go viral, little man, and don’t look back.” Another person thinks the video could be great entertainment in the future, writing, “a smart momma would save this to play at a graduation party. Too cute.”

The young kid’s video has received close to 60,000 views in only a couple of days, as people still find themselves entertained by his dance moves and enthusiasm to perform in front of thousands of strangers.




Urban Legends


Because I’m currently obsessed with this 25 List thing and urban legends are just so much fun! Enjoy!

“Whether its an unsolved mystery, a popular misconception, or sometimes just a big hoax urban legends are an inevitable part of any culture. Usually they are handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation and many times have their origin in some vaguely twisted version of a true story. Regardless of their veracity, however, these are the 25 most popular urban legends still being told.”

25 List


So since school just started back and I’m still immobile with my broke leg I have been watching a lot of youtube videos I have since blogged about the Lizzie Bennet Videos (I recommend you check this out if you like Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice). But another wonderful account I have found that is pretty interesting is List25 which is a video of 25 things and while I don’t sometimes agree with his order of things its pretty interesting!

*this actually updates to the newest video*

Here is one that I am currently watching he was 54 so far and it is a very interesting and diverse group of videos from everything from 25 most deadliest diseases in history to the 25 greatest moments of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  They aren’t to long so you can watch a couple at a time. But go check it out here is a link to his page to be helpful List25!