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Over Night Oats





So I have seen this on pinterest and have thought about trying this out for a year now and today I am going to! I found the recipe on Lauren Conrads Blog and it looks good so here it is!



  • 2/3 cup almond milk (or milk of your choice)
  • 1/2 cup organic rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup vanilla (or plain) Greek yogurt (I used non-fat)
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon



  1. The night before you plan to eat your oats, mix together all of the ingredients listed above and seal in an airtight container.
  2. Refrigerate the mixture overnight (they will be ready in about 3 hours, but overnight is best).
  3. Wake up and enjoy the next day!


Sounds pretty easy and you can always add fruit or some sugar in it in the morning! But there are tons and tons of recipes for this out there so google it some time if you want to get a little daring! So I’m excited I’m off to the store in a little bit to get my ingredients! Wish me luck! I’ll post some pictures later!

Kale Chips Recipes? Help & Advice? Anyone? Please!


Kale Chips

So I have can kale chips before and I loved them! Problem? Well I had them because my ex-boyfriend had a friend that came up from Boone, NC all the time and got them from a awesome farmers market-made fresh! Now that place he got them from doesn’t sale online (much to my dismay) and yes I could just buy them offline somewhere but I figured why not try and make some! Simple right? Yeah I am on the search for a recipe that is simple and doesn’t require the dehydr….wait a minute we have a dehydrator! Okay so I am looking for a simple recipe! Someone! Anyone! Help!

nutritional-yeast-flakes-1Also I’m still not sure what nutritional yeast is for sure and yes I have found an awesome website ( What the Heck is Nutritional Yeast? )
that explains it and frankly can you find this at like Walmart or Foodcity? Because I’m impatient and I really don’t want to order this…so if you know of any recipe without this that would be great! Unless you can in fact find this magical yeast at walmart then sure I’ll try it! Maybe I can get my brothers girlfriend to find me some before she heads this way….

Here is a pretty good site it seems for buying it though Red Star Nutritional Yeast from Vitacost
One review of this magic yeast:

“This was my first taste of yeast flakes and good thing it was or I probably would never have tried it again. Once I ran out I bought some “bulk” flakes at my local natural foods store. ughhh disgusting! It was very cheap, but not worth it if it is not used. Red Star has a nice cheesy flavor, good on eggs, popcorn, rice… Quite addicting. The bulk brand had a strong taste and not in a good way, kind of like cardboard and a prominent bland taste if that makes sense.”


Also is there an actual recipe that involves real cheese? I am seeing “cheesy” in well quotes a lot. As a big, and I mean BIG, cheese fan these quotes don’t really do me any good. I respect all you out there that are vegan and what not but yeah I am not and I really don’t think I am going to find this vegan stuff in Eastern Kentucky so….it’s not that I wouldn’t try it I just don’t want to have to order it. I guess if my search comes up empty (or some lovely soul throws be a recipe bone) this recipe does seem promising.


Cheesy Kale Chips
Recipe lightly adapted from Pride & Vegudice

Found on Jack and Erin: Dashboard Cheesy Kale Chips

1 bunch curly kale
1 cup cashews (raw, not roasted or salted)
1 red bell pepper, deseeded and roughly chopped
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
2 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon sea salt

(again this is hinged on finding that magical yeast)


Step One: Place the cashews in a medium sized bowl and cover with water. Let the cashews soak for a minimum of 3 hours. This will soften the cashews and make them easier to blend. You can even do this step the night before, if you’d like, and let the cashews soak while you sleep.

Step Two: Remove the tough, woody stems from the kale leaves and tear them into bite-sized pieces. Thoroughly wash and dry the kale (a salad spinner is great for this) and drop the pieces into the biggest bowl you have. Kale seems to expand.

Step Three: In a food processor, drop the garlic cloves through the shoot while the food processor is running. When the garlic is chopped, stop the food processor, add everything but the kale, and process until everything is smooth. It should look like a really thick salad dressing.

Step Four: In a large bowl, toss the “cheese sauce” and kale until the kale is thoroughly coated. Try not eat it straight from the bowl like I did. Seriously…I could have eaten the whole bowl just like that.

Step Five: Line two large cookie sheets with foil or parchment paper (I only brought one with me to work). Arrange the kale pieces on the cookie sheets so there’s still a little space in between them. At this point, you can either pop these in an oven at 200 degrees for around 45 minutes…or they suggest if its warm enough to just leave them of the dash for two-three hours if it is above 95 degrees outside…but I’m super impatient and that would involve waiting for summer so….


Well I guess you actually would if you lived somewhere warm or it was summer for you (lucky, lucky people)…but yeah I just don’t know about leaving it on your dashboard it seems like the perfect opportunity for coworkers and friends to take pictures and shamelessly mock you. Although if they like kale chips yo would always threaten them and not share…

And God looked upon what he had made and saw that it was good and then he added cheese…


Okay so thats a little extreme but its almost two o’clock in the morning and I’m tired and I finally found a recipe with cheese!

parmesan-kale-chipsI found this easy peasy recipe on this wonderful lady’s website here is her bio: “Hi, I’m Dana and, here in 90210, I’d rather be cooking than shopping! As a chef, CIA grad and cookbook author, I’ll share my fast n’ fresh, mostly meatless recipes that are hits with family and friends…plus kitchen tips and shortcuts, cooking videos, upcoming events and more. Welcome!”

You can go check her and her site out by clicking on the nice link below!

Crispy Parmesan Kale (and Collard) Chips

What you need: 

1 head flat-leaf (Tuscan or Lacinato) kale or collard greens, leaves separated, rinsed and dried well

Olive oil spray

1/3 cup grated Parmesan or Asiago cheese


1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.

2. Using a knife, remove the thick inner stems from the leaves, leaving long strips; cut the strips in half. Arrange the leaves dark side up in a single layer on two baking sheets.

3. Lightly mist each piece with olive oil spray. Sprinkle generously and evenly with Parmesan cheese.

4. Bake about 12-14 minutes, until the leaves are crisp and the cheese is lightly golden. Sometimes the leaves bake unevenly, so watch them carefully, removing the crisp ones as they are done and returning the others to continue baking until done. Serve warm.

Now I wonder if you could just sup the cheese into the first recipe? Any thoughts?….Please let me know or if you know of any better ones I would love some input before I try this myself!

Won Ton Tacos


So my mom is making won ton tacos! I know your thinking what? Won ton wraps are easy ways to take the ordinary and make something extraordinary or at least awesome!


You just have to put them into some cupcake pans and bake for ten minutes or less! It doesn’t take long just eyeball them when they get crispy and stuff you are in good shape!


Just fix everything else like you would an add everything to it. Or you can put then not baked and add the taco meat and top with cheese then bake to make a melt!


Add heat and enjoy! Yum!

Cool Places to Eat in Kentucky


So I am composing a list of places I have been and want to go that are awesome, unique and of course have great food! I love all things food related and my goal is to go to as many Triple D (Dinners, Drive -In’s & Dives) as possible so here we go!

Lizzie B’s Cafe & Bakery

2010 KY Route 321
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653
Phone: 1-606-886-2844
Email: lizziebcafe@gmail.com
Mon – Thu: 10:30 am – 9:30 pm
Fri – Sat: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

Lizzie B’s Cafe Bakery
With a super comfy and unique decor of something you would find on the Big Island this place is rocking on the weekend with live music! I love to go when I know they are going to be having one of my favorite soups:loaded baked potato, broccoli and cheese, chicken noodle, and lobster bisque. Their lobster bisque is to die for! Pair it with a hot ham & cheese and you have a fantastic lunch! Oh and if you go and they have the milky way cake…GET IT!

Description: Lizzie B’s is like no other place in the region. We’ve been described as unique, eclectic, and a place you must visit in Eastern Kentucky. Our menu features sandwiches made on fresh homemade bread with all the best ingredients, a variety of pizza’s served on Naan bread or a ten inch whole wheat pita, three to four soups made daily, a full coffee bar, desserts, beer and wine, and much more! Click on the menu tab to the left to see the full menu with descriptions of our food. Along with the great food, we have an unbelievable atmosphere that must be experienced to appreciate. It’s quickly becoming a favorite among locals and we always welcome new faces! If you have any questions please be sure to post on our wall or give us call. We look forward to seeing our friends, as well as making new ones!

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe



Lynn’s Paradise Cafe

984 Barret Ave.
Louisville, KY(502) 583-3447

I haven’t been but from what I have seen and heard this is one my list of places to go next time I am in Louisville! I am determined to go and maybe check out the State Fair to? Sounds like I plan to me!


Lynn’s Paradise Cafe has received extensive local and national media attention, including features on television programs such as the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Folod Network’s “Best Of”, the Discovery Channel’s “Christopher Lowell Show”, CBS “Good Morning America”, and Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”.

In addition to print articles in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY magazine, articles about Lynn’s Paradise Café have appeared in popular consumer magazines such as American Style, Bon Appetit, Condé Nast Traveler, Cooking Light, Esquire, Gourmet, House Beautiful, Southern Living, Travel & Leisure, Travel Holiday, and the in-flight publications of Comair, Continental, Delta, and Southwest airlines.

Within the hospitality industry, the Paradise has been featured in Midwest Foodservice News, Meetings & Conventions, Nation’s Restaurant News, Restaurant Business, Restaurant Hospitality, Restaurants & Institutions, and Wine & Spirits.

J.J. McBrewster’s


J.J. McBrewsters

3101 Clay Mill Road

Lexington, KY 4o503

Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm


This is my first Triple D stop and it is worth the drive here! I highly recommend giving this Western barbecue a try!  Also go for the candy bar cake! Also check out all the sauces I really like the melon sauce!



Description: Locally owned Western Kentucky barbeque restaurant as featured on the Food Network’s hit TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We offer a full service restaurant, take out, and catering. We are a Kentucky Proud business, that buys local ingredients and makes every item from scratch.







History of our smoked meats

Smoked fresh everyday for your enjoyment & pleasure!

* Pulled Pork
* Chicken
* Beef Brisket
* Turkey Breast
* Mutton
* Goat
* Ribs
* Salmon

After our smoking process which at times could be as long as 16 hours with Hickory wood, we put our meats through our secret process for a few more hours and then we work our fingers to the bone to pull the tender meats off the bone before we treat them with our Dip to preserve and seal in the flavors unique to every meat we smoke.

Homemade Sides and Sauces

Just about all we serve at JJ’s is homemade. Our sauces are several generations old and are a tightly kept family secret and are made as needed by the owners themselves.

Authentic WESTERN KENTUCKY Sauce *
Bold with a peppery finish
best with Pork

Mahogany MELON Sauce *
Dark rich savory and sweet
compliments all smoked meats

Mac’s MEAN Sauce *
Hot Sauce
The name says it all

Daviess County DIP *
Thin, with bold rich flavors
The real Deal from Western Kentucky

Signature RAZZ B QUE Sauce *
Spicy yet sweet
Served only with Smoked Salmon

All of our side items which include some of the old favorites such as mashed potatoes, Mac & Cheese, Green and Baked Beans are all homemade following our own secret recipes just to name a few and by golly they are to die for.

Lizzie B’s


Looking for awesome unique food in Eastern KY? Look no further than Lizzie B’s in Prestonsburg with a laid back mix and match surfer style with speciality pizzas, awesome soups, and fantastic sandwiches it’s a must go!

It offers a coffee bar with every flavor you could want from the Torani branch flavorings and many wines and micro brews!


Steven likes trying there different micro brews

My favorite is the hot ham an cheese on the panini grill with a side of lister bisque soup. But you got to know which days to go to get it! Everything is made from scratch daily!



Places to Eat in Charleston SC & Edisto Beach, SC !


So of course here is a post about food! If you couldn’t tell I love it lol. But here are some places you should go while down there!


On Edisto Beach 


The Seacow Eatery

So it would be this was one of the only places open for breakfast while we where down there but it had some awesome food! If you are looking for a southern breakfast this is the place to go and they have some awesome t-shirts for sale as well!












Home of the Ugly Fish

This place is one of the best costal dives in South Carolina having been honored in Coastal Living and trust me it looks like a dive! It is housed in a old gas station and the gas pumps are still outside but don’t let the appearance fool you it was some of the best  food! From shrimp burges to chicken parmesan and home made chips (See above) it was a little something for everyone. We ate there two or three times while on the island!


t-shirts are only during the seasonal time though ={

Charleston, SC 


Aw Shucks

Sorry no pictures but this is a sea food restaurant with some awesome food what I really remember about this place was there mashed potatoes with crawfish  mixed it is was awesome! I think I wasn’t very adventurous this trip and got steak.

But they have awesome shirts!

Any Gas Station/ Food Mart


Hymn’s Sea Food Restaurant


I was adventurous here and I got flounder. Now I thought I was getting a filet not the entire fish! Thankfully the head was cut off because I could not have handled that at all! But it was really good! It is also important to ask for your free boiled peanuts! Also if you have walked around Charleston at all you should have found a coupon for this place for a free dip! Use it! The dip and hushpuppies are amazing together!!


Also t-shirts are awesome!

Hillbilly Days


Every April Pike County gears up and host the annual Hillbilly Days to raise money for Shriners. The entire downtown of Pikeville is roped of and venders and carnival rides of all sorts make it there home for the next three days! With lots of great music, crafts, and of course hillbillies it’s a great festival!


This year I finally got around to trying deep fried Oreos and I’ll tell you they are worth trying! At most carnivals you will see deep fried all kinds of things (rumor has it someone was selling deep fried butter…how that works I don’t know) but Oreos are worth having! And a funnel cake to of course!


Another vendor you need to check out if you see them at a festival is Miss Piggies! Some of the best BBQ I have ever had!


This is one of the pork chop sandwiches my boyfriend got its huge!


Oh another fun thing I saw while at hillbilly days! A older lady, I mean in her late sixties, with a jean mini skirt on a belly shirt and on the mini skirt was written “love this” with an arrow pointing down and on the back was “bite this” with an arrow pointing down…I swear some of these people only come out during hillbilly days