Things that make me wonder about people today…


Student Busted Exposing Himself in Yearbook

A 16-year-old Chicago high school student is facing a disorderly conduct charge after administrators caught his attempt to expose himself in a yearbook picture.

According to the Chicago Tribune, after the yearbooks were printed last month, Maine South High School superiors noticed the student apparently exposed his genitals through his shorts in a team picture in a way that “appears to be intentional.”

Police took the student into custody May 15 at the school, a police source tells the paper. The school caught the prank before the books were distributed to students, but spent around 14 hundred bucks to cover or remove the picture.


Lawyer Arrested After $100K, Hangover-Style Hotel Room Razing Smash

A California lawyer has been arrested for not paying up after allegedly doing nearly 100 thousand dollars in damage to a Las Vegas hotel suite after a night of Hangover-style room trashing.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports Los Angeles-based attorney Robert Pearmanwas charged with malicious destruction of property caused in a three-bedroom, nearly six thousand square foot suite at the Encore hotel on March 30.

At least five people were staying in the room with the 45-year-old, who, while apparently drunk, told police officers, “I take full responsibility for what happened here. We were partying.”

The hotel claims the inebriated attorney threatened to, “depose [hotel owner] Steve Wynn, and make this place Napalm,” when his night of fun came to an end.

The hotel claims the 45-year-old never attempted to repay the hotel for the damage done to the room — which included smashed glass, food all over the walls, and more.


Hairy Situation: Clerks Assaulted, Pepper Spray, in Hair Heist

A pair of thieves, one female, one male, are wanted for assault and the robbery of cash — and human hair — from a Chicago store. WBBM-TV is airing surveillance video of the crime, in which one suspect was spotted “casing” the Morgan Park beauty store before another rushed the counter. While the male put a gun to the back of one clerk, the female sprang into action, hitting another employee in the throat and spraying her in the face with pepper spray.

In the attack, one of the clerks was knocked unconscious, the male suspect raided the register, and fistfuls of human hair — worth thousands when made into wigs and weaves — were stolen.


Kids Tipsy After Restaurant Swapped OJ for Mimosas

Two parents in Rochester, New York, are steamed because their three young children got buzzed when a local restaurant accidentally served them mimosas instead of plain orange juice.

According to WHAM-TV, when the DeRoos family sat down to brunch on Sunday,Jeremy and Dawn‘s kids said their juice “tasted funny,” but the parents didn’t think anything was amiss until they overheard other patrons complaining the juice had champagne in it.

The parents said the kids slept for most of the day and acted “hungover” the day after. The owner of the restaurant eventually apologized, comped the meal, and promised to re-label the juice jugs to avoid a similar mix-up in the future.

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