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Kentucky Kicks Ass


So apparently these guys do not like our new state slogan…I mean it fits and I personally don’t see anything wrong with it but these guys do make a point whats the point of having a slogan if  do one associates it with you?

Where to Find Them: 

Kentucky for Kentucky Facebook

Kentucky for Kentucky


A Kick Ass Commonwealth Since 1792.

To engage and inform the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products. And to Kick Ass for the Commonwealth.


Kentucky is an awesome state.

Kentuckians have created some of the greatest cultural influences of all time. We first sung Happy Birthday, we first fried chicken, we first slapped high fives. We invented bourbon, bluegrass music, and the motherfreaking Kentucky Derby. We birthed cool with Clooney, Depp, and Hunter S. Thompson. We nurtured beauty with Loretta Lynn, all the Judds and Diane Sawyer. We championed sport with Ali, Sea Biscuit, and Rondo.

We are the real deal. We’re Kentucky.

General Information

A Kick Ass Commonwealth Since 1792.

We are believers, promoters, and producers for the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. We are Daniel Boone, Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali and George Clooney. And we are proud of our Commonwealth.

So whether you’re from Renfro Valley, Pikeville, Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, Shelbyville, Corbin, Owensboro, Winchester, Bowling Green or any other of the hundreds of great towns or cities in Kentucky (or want to be a part of something big), come join us as we celebrate Kentucky’s awesomeness.


Rebranding Kentucky

How would you describe the Commonwealth of Kentucky? Would you mention fried chicken, George Clooney, or bourbon? How about bluegrass music or Muhammad Ali, NCAA Basketball Championships or the mother-freaking Kentucky Derby?

Does the Commonwealth’s current slogan “Unbridled Spirit” best describe Kentucky? Sure, it’s clever (Unbridled Spirit = horse + bourbon), but does it make you want to visit? Would you wear it on a shirt? Will it ever be big in Japan?

Google “Unbridled Spirit”, and the first result is for horseback riding lessons in San Antonio, Texas. That’s no bueno.

So, in 2004, why did the Commonwealth use half a million of your hard-earned tax dollars to develop the “Unbridled Spirit” brand for Kentucky?

Kentucky for Kentucky has been tasked with developing a viable brand and tagline for the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our goals are simple: increase tourism, attract new business, foster pride, diminish stereotypes, unify the Commonwealth, and distinguish Kentucky from any other place on the planet.

  • Step #1: We talked to some of the coolest, most admired, most kick-ass Kentuckians (and a few non-Kentuckians) we could find, and we asked them to describe Kentucky in a few words.
  • Step #2: We partnered with Cricket Press and went to work developing this tagline into a kick-ass logo.
  • Step #3: Along with your help, we’re gonna turn up the volume and let the world know: KENTUCKY KICKS ASS!

Enjoy, and Thanks!

Whit, Griffin, and Kent
Kentucky for Kentucky

Straight Crushing It for The Commonwealth since 1792.

Special thanks to Governor Steve Beshear, the Kentucky Department of Tourism, all the kick-ass Kentuckians that participated in these interviews, Ian Friley of Kong Productions, Brian and Sara Turner of Cricket Press, Jason Kaufman, the Internet, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and George Clooney.


In case you where wondering what the state slogans are or if for some reason you don’t know your own!


State Slogan
Alabama Sweet Home Alabama
Alaska North to the Future
Arizona Grand Canyon State
Arkansas The Natural State
California Find Yourself Here
Colorado Come to Life
Connecticut Still Revolutionary
Delaware It’s Good Being First
Florida Your Florida Side is Calling
Georgia Georgia on My Mind
Hawaii The Islands of Aloha
Idaho Adventures in Living
Illinois Mile After Magnificent Mile
Iowa I()WA
Indiana Restart Your Engines
Kansas As Big as You Think
Kentucky Unbridled Spirit
Louisiana Pick Your Passion
Maine There’s More to Maine
Maryland Maryland of Opportunity
Massachusetts It’s All Here
Michigan Pure Michigan
Minnesota Explore Minnesota
Mississippi Find Your True South
Missouri Close to Home. Far from Ordinary
Montana The Last Best Place
Nebraska Possibilities…Endless
Nevada Discover Your Nevada
New Hampshire Live Free and…
New Jersey Come See For Yourself
New Mexico New Mexico True
New York I Love New York
North Carolina A Better Place to Be
North Dakota Legendary
Ohio So Much to Discover
Oklahoma Oklahoma is OK
Oregon We Love Dreamers
Pennsylvania State of Independence
Rhode Island Unwind
South Carolina Made for Vacation
South Dakota Great Faces. Great Places.
Tennessee We’re Playing Your Song
Texas It’s Like a Whole Other Country
Utah What People Are Talking About
Vermont Vermont, Naturally
Virginia Virginia is for Lovers
Washington Say WA
West Virginia Wild and Wonderful
Wisconsin Live like You Mean It
Wyoming Forever West