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What to get a guy for Valenties Day?


Men are a strange and mysteriously simple but complex creatures that poise a daunting task for women for hundreds of years (okay maybe not but still…) what do you get them? Birthdays and Christmas are hard enough but what about Valentines day?  It’s coming up and I really need to start thinking about it a lot more!  My problem is he your typical country boy but he doesn’t drink and do a lot of that stuff so ugh but here are some ideas that might work for you that I am pondering!

77687162293234685_Y04EuYahThe Man Bouquet 

  • get a box and some green flower foam and some sticks 
  • buy some of his favorite things and stick them on there
  • arrange

Or you could do the same kinda thing and just use a bucket or something cool that he likes (maybe a football helmet?)  I like this idea because he is a hands on kinda guy and I can go buy him some tools and stick in here.

Items you can put  in:

  • tools
  • candy
  • tickets to games
  • dvd’s
  • home made coupon book
  • his favorite soda/ drink
  • video games & accessories
  • sports stuff



Can Cake 

You can make a can cake for them (or soda for you underage people or like me the ones who’s guys just doesn’t really drink)


My suggestion

  • black tape the cans in the circle then get some ribbion and cover it up
  • you could use cardboard and cover it in foil to mak it look prettier so it can have a stable place to rest
  • if you want to be mean you could use empty beer cans and then just give him a case of beer (it would be less heavy this way)
  • You could pair this with a man bouquet or bucket

Project Materials:

  • A case of soda or beer
  • Corrugated cardboard circles
  • A sturdy base (a piece of wood or a sturdy pan)
  • Ribbon

If nothing else this is a super fun and different kinda gift for your guy and lets face it who wouldn’t like this? I might make a Mt. Dew Cake…so much fun he would die laughing if nothing else!