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Online stores you will love


Every girl loves to shop and getting good deals and good products is what it is all about and here are some awesome stores some are a little more expensive than others but they have amazing stuff!


This is an awesome store that I have actually gotten to go to once they only have stores in Texas but you can shop online at  Sam Moon they have some amazing accessories and its cheap! You can also get some awesome purses and luggage that holds up well!

You can like them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sammoontrading

Here is the description of the store: “We specialize in women’s fashion handbags, jewelry and accessories. Perfect for satisfying your shopping needs, at an affordable price! Shop for most up to date trends and save up to 75% off department store price.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 5.18.51 PM

Here are some of the new arrivals in the Spring earrings which I really like the flowers and the drop earrings

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 5.39.51 PM

If you love bubble necklaces they have some cute ones!

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 5.41.10 PM

Love love love the luggage you can get here!

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 5.41.30 PM


If you like unique and vintage looking clothes this is the website for you! The downside? It is kinda pricey which is sad but they still have some super cute stuff and if you need those statement pieces this is a good place to start your search! Like the pin up style bathing suits? You can find them here Modcloth !

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 5.49.41 PM

They also have this cool feature where you can vote for looks you like and they will get it for their online store!

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 5.58.09 PM


So if you love all things monogram  this is the place for you! You can get anything and everything their is here and its good stuff! I love my pullover sweater that I got for christmas! Marley Lilly always does fun give aways and sweep stakes so I recommend you like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get in on those deals!  You can also go check out their blog http://www.themonogrammedlife.com/

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 6.14.54 PM









So if you have looked at my blog before you know I love all things Lily Pulitzer and her prints so it should be no surprise this is on my list! Currently I am looking at the agendas because I want one! Here is the amazing website Lilly Pulitzer!

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Things I have learned from having a broke leg



What I have learned about breaking a bone

I have a fractured fibula they are parallel to each other and run vertically which my doctor said was interesting and he hadn’t seen one of those in a while.

  • The fibula runs alongside the tibia below the knee. It is on the outside part of the leg and is smaller than the tibia.
  • The ankle is composed of the bottom ends of the tibia and fibula, the connecting foot bones, and the ligaments and tendons. Severe twisting injuries to the ankle can result in fractures of the tibia or fibula near or within the ankle joint.


Breaking a bone is a big shock to your whole body. It’s normal for you to receive strong messages from parts of your body that aren’t anywhere close to the fracture.

  • You may feel dizzy, woozy, or chilly from the shock.
  • A lot of people cry for a while.
  • Some people pass out, or have a moment of black out, until their bodies have time to adjust to all the signals they’re getting.
  • And other people don’t feel any pain right away because of the shock of the injury. This happened to me I made it to the back steps before the pain hit and I had to call my parents.


One note usually there is swelling with a broke bone but my leg never actually swelled so there is a thing to keep in mind!


I don’t think we realize how amazing or importnat things are until we can’t use them I know I didn’t I mean besides the obvious of not being able to just walk around everything you do is different-because it was to be.


Things I have Learned


1. If you are going to break a bone at least have a good story 

Okay so you can’t actually choose how you break a bone but don’t do something stupid that would cause an accident as the saying goes “don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics.” My own story was kinda embarrassing and of course thats the first thing people will ask you “how did you do it?” If you did it in a stupid way expect the embarrassment to continue.


2. You are now totally helpless 

So if you have a broke leg you are probably on crutches and you can’t crutch and carry things, unless you have a backpack or a pouch attached to the crutch. If you wan’t something you can no longer just get up and go get it and it is one of the most frustrating things in the world! To have to really ely on someone else to help you with stuff you have been doing by yourself for so long.


3. You will forget your leg is broke 

When you wake up you will sometimes forget its broke and maybe you might try to swing your feet down but whatever you do-no no put pressure on that brake!


4. The first week will be the hardest 

This is when the break or fracture will hurt the worst and it is important to keep it elevated and if your like me you will want to move and roll around in your sleep this is a horrible idea! Try to make some sort of pillow barricade for yourself!


5. Trash bags and duct tape are your friends

Okay so showering is now a little more difficult since getting your cast wet is a big big no no! Hopefully you have a shower head that can be taken down so you can shower. But you want to wrap it up and tape it tight enough that water can’t get in on accident and duct tape and simple white trash bags you have in your bathrooms work awesome. This way you don’t have to go and buy a cover from the store! Also I did something I wasn’t suppose to but hey you gotta live I went four-wheeling without a cover and we used black tape (or electrical tape as it is actually known as) and Saran wrap will work awesome to…just don’t let them go crazy with the black tape.


6. Say goodbye to the cute clothing for a while 

Comfort wins out over cuteness right now. If you don’t have baggy sweatpants go buy some and look for some with pockets! Seriously that way you can at least carry some stuff around with you like your cellphone or some cash! Or if its summer you just lucked out didn’t you? It’s currently winter for me and I can’t wear any of the cute clothes I got for Christmas yet because of this stupid cast. Well I guess I could but getting jeans over a cast at your foot sucks so I just avoid it when possible.


7. Your cellphone is your friend 

Positivity towards always having your cellphone with you? You heard me right I’m thankful I had my phone with me the day I fractured my leg! But if you need something it is sometimes the best way of getting your care giver. I apparently don’t yell very loudly so my dad actually told me to just call the house (even though I’m just in another room) to get him.


8. Relax 

Seriously just relax and let your body heal. Nap. Be lazy. Try to have a good attitude and just let your body work and mend!


9. Crutches Suck!!!!!!

lack of balance + crutches= disaster

Above describes my life! I suck at crutching I look like a new born giraff on ice with those stupid things! Try and keep them evenly spaced and kinda close to your body and take your time.


I bought some cool crutch covers so my poor underarms wouldn’t be in so much pain here is a description for them:

Mine are pink zebra to match my cast of course!

“Our Crutch Covers and Grips are made in the USA from layers of soft fleece fabric surrounding cushy, medical grade foam padding. These crutch pads are proven to reduce friction and pressure, providing relief from underarm discomfort.”

” You will instantly and easily experience guaranteed relief from crutch pain and discomfort. Designed to quickly eliminate chafing and provide comfort. Moisture wicking. Free velcro-style handgrip covers included. Medical grade foam cushion encased in soft, durable polar fleece.”

The website has them for $29.99 but you can find them way cheaper online elsewhere!


What to Do When the Cast Comes Off

Can you believe they use a saw to remove your cast? The funny thing is this saw doesn’t hurt your skin at all. It might even tickle! Apparently you can actually touch it and it won’t cut skin well thats what my boyfriend said since he has had multiple broken bones in his life. Football is dangerous if you didn’t know lol.

Once the cast is off, the injured area will probably look and feel pretty weird. The body part that was in a cast might look strange at first. The skin might be pale (I can’t wait to start tanning as soon as I am in a boot and can take it off), dry, or flaky (lotion is in my leg’s future). Body hair might look darker (until it meets its demise at the end of the razor! I can’t wait to shave!) and the body part itself might look smaller because you might have lost some muscle while it was healing. Sucks doesn’t it?

Don’t worry. This is all temporary.  In some cases, your doctor might suggest you do special exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. You’ll want to go slow and ask the doctor if you should avoid any activities. If you want to return to a sport, ask the doctor how soon you’ll be able to do it.


It’s also a smart idea to do what you can to build strong bones. How do you do that?

  • Get a lot of physical activity, especially stuff like jumping and running…well thats one way to force myself to start exercising…maybe the Color Run is in my future after all!
  • Feed your bones the calcium and vitamin D they need to stay strong. Okay so I need to start taking that multi vitamin again….
  • That means getting your share of milk and other calcium-rich foods and drinks, such as broccoli and calcium-fortified orange juice. I really don’t like milk and my dad has been forcing it one me any chance he gets!