Alright in all seriousness when I was in high school I was selected to go to Philadelphia to the Peter Jennings: Journalism and the Constitution which was amazing! It was a fantastic opportunity and I got to meet a lot of people from other states but one boy from Pennsylvania actually asked me if we wore shoes. I mean really? What really kinda blew me away is this was a high school student that asked me surly your old enough to know the difference between reality and a stereotype? I mean in the summer I don’t like wearing shoes but who does? There is something about the freedom of being able to feel the grass under your feet and mud between your toes. But the ignorance of asking if people wore shoes all the time! Yes we do just like everyone else!



What I don’t understand is everyone has an accent so why don’t people get that? If I sound weird to you what do you think you sound like to me? I mean I have heard a lot of people make fun of my accent, or just of the accent of southern people, and we could do the same thing.

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