iPhone tips for the new update


So if you have updated to the new software you are probably wondering what the heck can I do now? Here are some fun things I have found!

A better alarm

You can now choose to wake up to a song of your choice rather than just a sound. Go to the clock app and to an alarm . Either opt to edit an alarm you already have or press the “plus” symbol to create a new one.

In the next panel press “Sound” and then scroll up rather than down. Press “Pick a song” and choose the song you want from your iTunes Library.

Reply with Message

When you get a call in iOS 6, if it is a mobile phone number you can reject it with a text message to save your having to then go through a number of hoops as you do with iOS 5. Next time someone calls press and slide up the “Phone” icon. To set  several “boiler plate” replies go to Settings > Phone > Reply with Message. You can have three ready and waiting next time someone calls.

Remind yourself to call back

Tap Remind Me Later and you can have your phone remind you “In 1 hour”, “When I Leave”, or “When I get home”. The last two work by using your phone’s GPS to register that you are on the move. To set up where home is, make sure your address details are in your own card in Contacts as your home address.

Do Not Disturb

Addicted to work, but need a push to say that you should stop. Maybe an important meeting that you don’t want to be disturbed in unless it is really important? Then you need Do Not Disturb. To get it up and running go to Settings > Do Not Disturb. To change the settings of Do Not Disturb however you need to go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb. Here you can set a schedule (say, every night from 10pm) on whether you’ll allow calls from your favourites or those who call you repeatedly.


Get YouTube back

Go to the App Store, search for YouTube, download the official YouTube App from Google.


Update all Contacts

To get Facebook profile photos for your Contacts go to Settings > Facebook and tap on the Update All Contacts button.

Disable Facebook from Calendar and Contacts

If the idea of filling your Contacts and Calendar with Facebook friends sounds too much don’t worry you can turn it off. Go to Settings > Facebook and toggle off the relevant settings on that page.

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