Olympics and Exercise


It seems nothing can make a nation more patriotic  than the Olympics! Why wouldn’t it though you get to see your country’s best in each sport go and compete against every other country in the world. If you have Twitter almost everything that is on the trend board is all about the olympics. I love watching gymnastics but it always makes me wish I was more athletic or even more fit so I have decided I am nothing to take this time to motivate myself to get in shape! So here is some fun things I found on Pinterest!

Below is a link to my Pinterest board I made! Its full of pins that will take you to awesome websites that have all kinds of eating tricks and a bunch of different exercises

My Exercise Pinterest Board




So here are some random things I am pulling that I’m gonna try and do!



  1.  Use the incline on the treadmill instead of running on the treadmill with no incline to lose weight, try taking the treadmill up to a 7.0 incline and a walk. Of course this means I’m going to have to actually walk on the treadmill…after I get it out of the garage!
  2. Eat more veggies
  3. Cut out the pop and sugar filled drinks (this will be hard…really really hard)
  4. Exercise well duh this is a no brainer right? But I mean actually work out at least once a week!
  5. Eat better more healthy stuff!




Also if you are wondering what weight you should be or they say here is a chart I have seen a lot


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