Life as an Intern


So this summer I am interning at our local government access channel PikeTV ( and so far its been pretty interesting! You get to do a lot of hands on training with cameras, editing, and of course talking to new people!

Here are some of the things I’ve done so far that I can remember!

1.Fire fighters challenge

So this was crazy you had fire fighters from all over competing in an obstacle course in full gear! Not to mention there was a heat advisory in effect that day!


Also they had guys in kilts!


2. City Commissioners Report
What’s going on in the county extra extra

3. City Managers report
What’s new in the city, tourism, community activities


4. Relay for Life
The annual relay for life against cancer


5. Knox Creek Cleanup

This was a clean up with Kentucky and Virginia to clean the Knox Creek that runs through both states. This was interesting to say the least. The one thing about Pike County is its the largest in the state and you can drive two hours and still be in the one county! Where this creek happened to be was the farthest point you could go in pike county without being in Virginia.

6. Muscle on Main

I love car shows simply because you get to see some awesome old cars! Taking to these cute little old men about their cars is awesome!

7. Cooking show

So it takes forever but you get free food! They had fried green tomatoes, frog legs, and honey suckle tea! She also gave us a jar of picked okra!


8. Where the 99 Lead

This talks about the university of Pikeville and all the good stuff going on up there! I’m also included all the scholarship forums we have had to do in this!


9. Splash in the Breaks

So the Breaks interstate park got a water park and we got to go film the ribbon cutting and what not.


10. EPA Public Forum

So if you didn’t know the EPA and Obama are waging a war on coal and this was one of the forums to let people talk about it. Being a region that relies heavily on coal you can imagine this was a big hit!

11. Hospital commercials

So the local hospital has almost take over downtown Pikeville…okay they have


12. Shelby Railroad Reunion

Reunion for all railroaders and there families


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