Bear O’ Fair- Astronaut and Northern Lights Bears


So today we are schedule to go to Berea and Versailles KY to do interviews with two of the artists. So this is going to be a long day! If we are lucky we will get back around 7pm which kinda sucks.So far this is how today is going…

1. It’s raining
2. Enterprise doesn’t have our car rental there yet making us late to leave
3. Did I mention it’s pouring the raining?

So yeah I’m annoyed Ronnie’s annoyed and I’ll keep you posted!

So after thirty minutes a car still had never came but a van had so Ronnie went and got that. So now we are in a mini van! Exciting right? But we are on our way!

So we are almost to there!! But due to the delay this morning and the cray amount of slow drivers that we of course got stuck behind. There is a grey possibility of us being late! I sure hope not! But this has been one of the longest trips and this sleepy rain isn’t making things any better!

We made it to Berea! Finally after finding us a parking spot because you know we had to come when they are having an art festival! We found out artists, Michelle Weston, and her glass shop! The northern lights bear is cool! And she was having a sale on some of her awesome glass work! Picked up some souvenirs!



Now off to Versailles and some lunch!

So we are finally on our way home, a nice three hour drive, but the astronaut bear is amazing! I mean he is in a class of his own with this one! He did a 3-D bear!



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