I Like, I Love, I Need, I Want….


So my church started a group called the Rise Group to get together and share testimony and generally just get together and be there for one another kinda like a support group of sorts. I am still on my journey in this process I have yet to be baptized and I am actually sighed up for our churches membership class at the end of this month so thats exciting but I thought I would share a little about what he did. But our church is pretty cool considering it is in Eastern Kentucky…like seriously in the sticks lol. Its a nondenominational church that welcomes anyone and is super laid back! You can wear jeans, shorts, whatever you want just please be clothed decently! They have free donuts and coffee in the morning and the service starts with singing like most other churches but we are a little more modern. We have a band, a stage, cool concert lighting, and big screens with the songs words up there to sing along. So anyway below is the email we got at the beginning of the month to thing about so we could talk about it last night.


Good Morning Rise Crew…


I don’t know about you, but I am still in awe of God for His amazing grace and power shown through the stories of rescue & freedom that were shared during our last Rise meeting and can’t wait until we get back together again on June 10th!

Today I wanted to send a fun activity for us to participate in to keep our minds focused on sharing.  Let’s face it…speaking in public, on video, and/or one-on-one is difficult for many…especially when Satan is burning with fury over our giving ‘shout outs’ to God for all the miraculous ways He has worked in our lives.  This exercise will be light in comparison to all the sharing we have done over the past couple months. So…get comfy and enjoy this one!



The purpose of this exercise is not only to encourage sharing but also to remind each of us that God is at work right now in the things we like, love, need and want.  With that in mind, please complete the sentences below:


I like

I love

I need

I want

 OK…I already know you love Jesus and your family.  If you’re like me, you need more money.  Can I suggest though that we not focus on the big ideas and get into the now…the “this moment”?  Remember…God is currently speaking to you and through you so stay current in the here and now.


Hope some of you will share back with me 🙂  Love you guys like crazy!!


So I was a slackerdoodle and I opened the email and everything but did I ever actually read it? Nope. So my answers were really in “this moment” when it was my turn.


I Like…cookie dough ice cream

I Love…volunteers/volunteering

I Want…it to rain tuesday so our softball game can be cancelled

I Need…more free time to relax


What I really liked about this was it wasn’t heavy answers that was given just simple things in our life’s.









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