Fried Chicken


So today is a good day in the Ratliff household! The sounds of hot oil crackling, water boiling, and the sounds of chopping are in the air! I managed to talk my momma into frying chicken today! Which never happens so this is pretty exciting add the fact we have fresh green beans, pasta salad, potato salad, and coleslaw its gonna be a good night folks! But we decided to try a mixture of panko breading, flour, milk, eggs and a little Grippos barbecue flavoring powder to the mix. If you don’t know what Grippos chips are , well bless your heart, go find you some and enjoy chip goodness! But I’m excited to see how it turns out.





Today I embarked on an adventure I have enjoyed fresh green beans for years now but today was the first time I made the journey of awesomeness myself! I went shopping with my mimi and Foodcity actually had some great looking beans so I splurged and got me some! So after stringing them, cutting out the bad spots, and washing them I was ready to get cooking…only problem was I wasn’t sure what I had to do for sure. I knew the general idea you put water in a big pot, through in some bacon, and let them boil. Okay so thats pretty much what you do but its good practice to add a big chunk of salt bacon and put some salt in your water. Cover the beans with water or to the edge of the beans and bring them to a boil for a little while and then turn the heat down to about a seven and let them cook until done. Then enjoy awesomeness of the best kind!


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