Web Design


Dear CSS & HTML,

Our love/ hate relationship in class has finally came to an end!

Today was the last day of web design!

Now I just have to deal with you if I decide to mess with it here in posts

I can firmly say I am relieved to see the end of this relationship!


A frustrated college student


So one final down! Above is a lovely screen shot of the webpage we had to turn in for part of our final which if I do say so myself looks pretty good I don’t know if my teacher will like the zebra print to much but the extra credit never specified what kind of background! I attempted all the bonus so hopefully it will help make up for my pathetic answers for some of the written part! I still can’t believe looking at it that it took two hours to get everything fixed but the sidebar about did me in not only did you have to make it link up right, make an unordered list and change the color. Finally after forever my teacher took pity on me and changed like two characters and it finally linked up with the CSS and worked!

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