Happy Mothers Day


So tomorrow is mothers day! So this year so far its turned out pretty cool I won a contest our local radio station was having which read:

“Want to make Mom feel special on Mother’s Day? Post a picture of you and your mom on our wall and tell us the best advice Mom ever gave you. We will share some of the posts on our morning shows and 2 lucky mothers will each win an EKB Mom & Me prize pack which includes Mother’s Day brunch for mom and a guest at East Kentucky Exposition Center, a $50 gift card from Appalachian Wireless and 4 tickets to a KY Opry Show at the Mountain Arts Center. Winners will be selected Friday May 11th.”

And would you look at that we won! Here is what I put:

My mom has not only given me but many others valuable advice being the “mother” of hundreds of students that pasted through her office at Betsy Layne High School the best advice she was given me to date is to always believe in yourself and your abilities and to always try and do your best it didn’t matter if you won or lost as long as you did your best and believed in yourself

I also got her the rose bush she wanted for mothers day so I did pretty dang on good this year if I do say so myself!

I also get my great aunt something for mothers day each year and since she was working on her flower bed yesterday I decided to get her some lilies! They are awesome if I do say so myself!

So the breakfast/lunch/brunch at the Expo Center was pretty good well the desert was!! The food not so much this older women said the chicken and dumplings were the best her grandson had ever had. Well bless his heart if that’s true! But the deserts were amazing!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe mothers day!


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