Almost Over, Almost Over


So its finally the weekend! Yay unfortunately I have to work today (less fun) and my boyfriend is going out of town (way less fun) and I have to study for my last two finals, get ready for a presentation for this historic vignette we had to make and finish a portfolio! Not to mention its mothers day weekend! I’ll be honest I have just been a slackerdoodle this week and now I am regretting it because I have soooo much to do.

So I bet your wondering what the heck a historic vignette is well for our purpose its a short film (3-5 minutes long) and each member of my class (there is only four of us) were assigned a historic place or district. Lucky me I was the only one that had no previous experience and got the district so instead of just having one thing to focus on I had two churches, a park, post office and federal courthouse! Yup and this was pretty much all we did the entire semester so this is our grade…no pressure right? Well not only that we have to present these in a working session of the city hall meeting so if you mess up public humiliation galore!  Oh and he is taping this to put on our local government channel PikeTV! Yup I’m excited…..

I do hoever wish they would post the grades from the classes that are finished though its driving me crazy!!!

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