So a fellow classmate of mine had this with her and I had wanted to try it but never found the time to spot and get one. Today however I made the decision to and get some pizza rolls to celebrate finishing one of my finals! While waiting for the pizza goodness to come out of the oven I spotted it….the tea that up until that point I had forgotten all about! So I figured why not try one! Let me tell you its good, cheap, and for such a big can its only 150 calories! There are about three servings per container and one serving is only 50 calories! Good deal!

What it about? Peace Tea is a product with a purpose. It’s about people, their stories, and a higher calling to make a positive difference in the world. It’s an open-ended dialog of free speech where all voices matter. Each can starts the dialog off with thought-provoking illustrations and phrases and leaves the rest up to you. Many people look for hidden pictures. We love that – keep looking. You’ll find a mix of humorous and provocative images.

Now after exploring the website I found there are some I am dying to try out! They only had the Sweet Lemon Tea (which I got), Razzleberry, Cranberry Tea, and the Imported Ceylon Tea. Now I have no idea what Ceylon tea is first of all so I took the liberty of finding out! This is what there website said “Imported Ceylon Tea is a message of self-reflection, of finding your center, and becoming one with your chi. By finding inner peace, you can then look outward with a greater perspective. It is then that you can discover that a common energy flows through and connects all of us, and that there is a divinity in all living things”

Not helpful? I didn’t think so…so off to Google we go!

“Ceylon tea is a particularly prized form of black tea from Sri Lanka. It has a golden color and rich, intense flavor which many tea consumers greatly appreciate, and it is used straight as well as in tea blends. Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea producers in the world, and Ceylon tea can be found all over the world as a result. Particularly fine highland varieties can also get quite costly, as they have a rich taste and strong aroma favored by some consumers.”

So after some research I am interested in trying this one I love tea and I’ll usually give anything a chance once…expect the cranberry tea I like cranberries only when in juice form or in dried crasin form.

Others I want to try are the razzleberry I’ll go for that and the Texas Style Sweet Tea now I’m from the South and we like our sweet tea so I will give this one a shot! Because as we all know just because it says its sweet tea doesn’t mean it is! We like a little tea with our sugar please and thank you! If you don’t well bless your pea pickin’ heart! But its the newest flavor so hopefully I can get my hands on it soon!

Now I’m a little leary of this one but I’ll give it a shot its pink lemonade tea now I like Arnold Plamers and they make one, which I haven’t tried yet, called Caddy Shack so it should be that big of a stretch right?

Find More Deliciousness Here

Also if you click on the link above you will find their awesome website and all the cool stuff they do as well as one of my favorite things ever t-shirts!

So go forth and be thirsty my friends!

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