Stress, school, and finals! Oh my!


It’s that stressful time of year again! Finals week is only a couple of days away! Of course they wait until the week before finals to give us papers, power points, and presentations! In one class he gave us a 8-10 page group paper, a 2-3 page reflection paper, a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation, and then we have to take a final! Seriously! Not to mention I have three portfolios to do, two reflection papers, and another PowerPoint presentation and then finals!


Also it’s sad that you have to buckle your seat belt up so the sensor don’t say there is a person there your backpack is so heavy! That’s just for three classes! My fitness and health teacher always talks about how we are going to all have bad backs when we get older. Of course she was a big book for us as well so yeah…but she is crazy she talks about all kinds of random things and never sticks to one subject. Also we don’t have quizzes and exams we have opportunities and little opportunities.


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