Gator Hater


I’m a born and raised Kentucky girl and if you are from Kentucky there is only one team to cheer for, heck even if you ain’t from Kentucky there is only one team to cheer for! If you haven’t guess it it ain’t no sticken’ bird its the Kentucky Wildcats! I am a die hard UK fan which in my family is fun you see my dad’s side of the family are Louisville fans (yuck) so you can imagine this year was a good year for us at family gatherings with the defeat of Louisville!  But what can I say Kentucky is awesome because we don’t always go to the final four but when we do we send two teams!


But my boyfriend he is a Florida Gators fan….I know I know how could I ever date a Gator’s fan? What can I say he’s cute! But he has this Gator beanie that he keeps on his dash in his truck and my dad is forever making fun of him. On his old truck he had the stickers, license plate, the whole kit and kapoodle but on the new truck he wasn’t had a chance to do that but the gator is there. My dad always tells Steven to lock his truck and he never does so yesterday when Steven was leaving I asked him what happened to his gator.

Above is a picture of how we found it! My dad while he was grilling decided to hang the gator! Steven thought it was hilarious and said “thats what I get for not locking my truck” and that exactly what my dad said to!

But I thought it was funny enough to share!

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