Places to Eat in Charleston SC & Edisto Beach, SC !


So of course here is a post about food! If you couldn’t tell I love it lol. But here are some places you should go while down there!


On Edisto Beach 


The Seacow Eatery

So it would be this was one of the only places open for breakfast while we where down there but it had some awesome food! If you are looking for a southern breakfast this is the place to go and they have some awesome t-shirts for sale as well!












Home of the Ugly Fish

This place is one of the best costal dives in South Carolina having been honored in Coastal Living and trust me it looks like a dive! It is housed in a old gas station and the gas pumps are still outside but don’t let the appearance fool you it was some of the best  food! From shrimp burges to chicken parmesan and home made chips (See above) it was a little something for everyone. We ate there two or three times while on the island!


t-shirts are only during the seasonal time though ={

Charleston, SC 


Aw Shucks

Sorry no pictures but this is a sea food restaurant with some awesome food what I really remember about this place was there mashed potatoes with crawfish  mixed it is was awesome! I think I wasn’t very adventurous this trip and got steak.

But they have awesome shirts!

Any Gas Station/ Food Mart


Hymn’s Sea Food Restaurant


I was adventurous here and I got flounder. Now I thought I was getting a filet not the entire fish! Thankfully the head was cut off because I could not have handled that at all! But it was really good! It is also important to ask for your free boiled peanuts! Also if you have walked around Charleston at all you should have found a coupon for this place for a free dip! Use it! The dip and hushpuppies are amazing together!!


Also t-shirts are awesome!

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