Kentucky Rain


Ever heard aloud sound echo off something? Anything loud echoes here fireworks, gun shots, and thunder. Last night and early this morning we have had a huge thunderstorm. The kind with thunder that you can feel in your chest and rattle your house. With thick sheets of rain that pound down onto your roof and cause the fear of flood to rise in the back of your mind.

I don’t known of you have ever been in any of the southern states when it rains but it’s awful! Here in Eastern Kentucky it gets muggy and humid and all around sticky and yucky! But you know it’s coming it starts getting humid the day before it rains…well more humid. We do not have dry heat, and its really rare if we do, here it’s always muggy in the summer! I didn’t even know what dry heat really felt like until I went to Texas!
It’s awful but you get used to it. My hair however no matter how much hair spray or gel is put in there it gets wavy and frizzy.

This is especially not good for our yard we have what I call grave yard ground it sinks when you walk on it. When it rains it stays wet for almost a week!!


River this morning

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