Hillbilly Days


Every April Pike County gears up and host the annual Hillbilly Days to raise money for Shriners. The entire downtown of Pikeville is roped of and venders and carnival rides of all sorts make it there home for the next three days! With lots of great music, crafts, and of course hillbillies it’s a great festival!


This year I finally got around to trying deep fried Oreos and I’ll tell you they are worth trying! At most carnivals you will see deep fried all kinds of things (rumor has it someone was selling deep fried butter…how that works I don’t know) but Oreos are worth having! And a funnel cake to of course!


Another vendor you need to check out if you see them at a festival is Miss Piggies! Some of the best BBQ I have ever had!


This is one of the pork chop sandwiches my boyfriend got its huge!


Oh another fun thing I saw while at hillbilly days! A older lady, I mean in her late sixties, with a jean mini skirt on a belly shirt and on the mini skirt was written “love this” with an arrow pointing down and on the back was “bite this” with an arrow pointing down…I swear some of these people only come out during hillbilly days

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